Poultry Products
We have a long history of producing free-range chicken and duck eggs, live free-range chickens, Muscovy ducks and turkeys. We process our free-range chickens and Muscovy ducks from our own licensed facility here on Toboton Creek Farm. Please contact us if you are interested. Testing of all live animals will be at buyers expense and must be done within 30 days.

We are offering a new service — we will raise a group of broilers for your next big party or event. Contact us for more information.
These chickens can be yours
In case you were wondering just how delicious our chickens and ducks are, Renate H. wrote:

Thank you again for taking the time to show us around your farm, such a treat for us! We roasted one of the chickens last night and it is fabulous ... nothing like store bought. We cannot wait to try the Goat roast. And, oh yeah, we had the duck breast last night as an appetizer ... out of this world. We loved it! After we roasted the chicken, we removed the meat from the bones and made a bone broth. Strained the finished broth, removed (most of) the fat, added veggies and then the chicken meat back in ... yummy!!!!! It was my dinner tonight and amazing!
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