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Lynda selling her eggs at the University District Farmers Market. You can check it out every Saturday. Please note, I now sell directly from the home farm and make deliveries to the Seattle region.
By Karl Benitez & Anna Chatilo

An egg is more than just an egg. For local Washington farmers Dan and Lynda at Toboton Creek Farm, an egg is caring for chickens, a quality, nutritious food source and a small piece of community shared with every customer at the University District Farmers Market. The business of large-scale, industrialized egg production remains guarded in secrecy from the public as to hide the brutalities of the treatment of chickens. At Toboton Creek Farms, their unofficial motto is "happy hens lay good eggs," and this positive spirit is made top priority by Dan and Lynda as illustrated by the truly free-range lifestyle that their chickens live in.
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