2017 Price List for Gourmet Goat Meat
Prices for USDA goat meat are effective as of 7/24/2017:
Carcass $7.00 per pound for whole hanging goat.
$9.00 per pound for goat cut vertically, neck to tail site.
We will provide the organ meats on request with the sale of a carcass.
Live $3.00 per pound.
Ground goat meat $15.30 per pound.  No added fat to this meat.
Stew cubes $15.30 per pound.
Shank $10.20 per pound.  Usually two per package. These are a favorite of our customers. Lots of bone flavor as well as plenty of meat. Very good buy for the price.
Rib Chops $16.15 per pound.  These are put in packages of 2 or 4. A favorite of first time customers.
Chops $17.85 per pound.  These are put in packages of 2 or 4.
Rack of Goat $21.25 per pound.  The creme de la creme of meat. This is a holiday or company favorite. We can provide big or small depending on the customer needs.
Bone-in Leg Roast $11.90 per pound.  We tend to cut these in 2-3 lb pieces. We can also provide whole legs that may weigh up to 6-7 lbs. Delightful for the celebration table.
Boneless Shoulder Roast $11.90 per pound.  This comes from the front shoulder and neck. My favorite roast.
Ribs $9.35 per pound.
Liver or Heart $8.50 per pound for Liver.
$8.50 per pound for heart.
Bones $12.75 per 5 pound bag.  These are a real favorite for making very healthy consommes. They are also a great treat for the family dog. They are very safe and the bones are small enough to be eaten quickly. So there's no mess to clean up.
Goat Bratwurst Sausage $15.30 per pound.  Great for grilling.
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